Christmas is over for pretty much everyone except us here in Burgerland, but I wanted to be sure to get this out before the official end of the holiday - a few words of gratitude for those who’ve helped support the project and a few more about where we’ll be going in the next few months.

Earlier today, when asked about how things are going with the project, I responded by paraphrasing Takami Akai: I said that running a crypto project is like having an anus six inches from your face at all times, doing what anuses do best. Akai was speaking about the childishness of 2ch; I’m obliquely referencing the craven idiocy of [parts of] 4chan, particularly /biz/. For the past six months I’ve been harangued - in cyber- and meatspace - by craven and simpleminded individuals who seem to feel both deeply entitled to be at or near the center of this project and deeply offended that their attempts to hijack and/or micromanage our team were unwelcome. I take this as a sign that we’re doing something very right - imitation combined with autistic screeching truly is the sincerest form of flattery.

Despite the fact that this project has been massively stress-inducing, I’ve gained a great deal from it as well - and I don’t mean financially. Our community has some very smart, kind and clever people from all over the world - I’m one of only a handful of Americans on the discord server - and their company has enriched my life incalculably.

There has also been ample opportunity to learn - on many levels. Failure precedes success in any worthwhile endeavor, and it always precedes a worthwhile lesson learned or intuitive understanding of useful knowledge. I’ll happily admit that I’ve failed many times since I joined this project and that at best only half of those failures have resulted in a boon - whether technical knowledge, wisdom in working with others, or thicker skin.

And here’s the part where I get to the point.

I’m incalculably grateful because for every one of those failures which have made me smarter, stronger or more capable at least one of our community members has been instrumental in making it happen. There are too many to name here, of course. I’m also excited for the next opportunity to fail - and to transmute that failure into knowledge.

None of this would be possible without a great community of patient, kind, intelligent and very creative people - thanks to you all.

Before I wrap up, I’ll say a few words about where we’re headed in the near future.

Our wallet dev Name and I are working closely to get all tests on our 0.15 branch passing. We’ve been conducting some manual regression and integration testing as well, however getting all tests green is really the next logical step to being confident that the release has no glaring issues.

This takes time - especially for volunteer devs who have full time jobs and/or school. We’ve got some new teammates (Mango and Bitwise, I’m looking at you) who are helping us where possible, but they too have work and school to contend with.

I’m not going to commit to a release window for 0.15 - we said we wanted to get a Release Candidate out before the year’s end, and we’re still working to do that. This statement alone has been misconstrued as some kind of Wow Release Date Available In Stores, as if we were shipping a new version of Windows or Call of Duty. In order to avoid causing yet more conniptions on the part of our detractors, we won’t even make futher statements of this kind.

Here’s what we’ll say from now on:

It’ll be ready when its ready. If you want to help, make a PR. The code is open source. If you want to complain or harangue us, piss off.

Merry Christmas! Gossamer Socks