After much weeping and gnashing of teeth, the 0.15 update is finally complete. Just check out these stats on how smoothly the chain is operating - ‘tis beauty!

Before I go into the specifics of what 0.15 brings us, however - I have to say thank you to a few folks without whom this could never have happened. Name 1856 wrote and implemented Nightcap (formerly called Cloverhash), however we wouldn’t have made it this far without significant assistance from Barry, Metagame and Mangofusion. More generally, I have to thank the entire ChanCoin community - I’ve learned a great deal in the past few months, mostly about the intangiable aspects of running a project as unique as Chancoin. I’ve said in the past that one’s progress in all worthwhile endeavors is proprotional to one’s willingness to fail repeatedly, and the 0.15 rollout was no exception - mistakes were made and lessons were learned all around, and we’re all better for it. I look forward to continuing this trajectory - it’s been an honor being given the support of the community and the opportunity to grow alongside this project.

Our goals with 0.15 were twofold: firstly to improve the stability of the blockchain itself and secondly to give us the tools needed to start looking at some really fun, interesting applications for Chancoin. We’ve absolutely achieved the first, and exploring the second is going to be some of the most fun items on the team’s radar for 2018. There’s still a lot fo fundamental work left to be done, of course - GPU Nightcap mining is available but still developing at breakneck speed, so expect lots of developments there - but some of the next items on our radar are:

  • Website Redesign & Updated Roadmap - We’ve got a truly awesome designer lined up for this and hope to have the new website done in late April to early May
  • Mobile Wallet - Community member Jabo is working on a mobile walet for both Android and iOS. While this is not an official project, we’re supporting him logistically
  • White Paper - Nightcap needs documenting. I look forward to working with Name on this one.
  • Bitcoin 2.0 Support - Now that our blockchain can support it, we can get down to implementing tools for digital asset applications in earnest!
  • More Exchanges - We’re working with some great community members to bring CHAN to new exchanges. We want to favor quality over quantity.

As always, if you want to get in touch, the best way is by dropping into our official discord and having a chat - or by posing a question in our BCT ANN thread

Thanks as always for your continued support,

Gossamer Socks