Looking for free ChanCoins? Take a look

We believe in people being recognised for their effort and participation, as such we are happy to offer a multitude of ways to gain free ChanCoins. Good with design? Submit some scrumptious memes. Great in a community setting? Get involved over on our discord.

What CHANCOIN has in store

What we think makes CHANCOIN pretty neat


Chancoin was made by and for avid denizens of internet imageboards - where internet trends are born. We aim to help creative netizens tap into their creativity by providing incentives and tools to reap rewards.

Tipping Everywhere

We want to make it easy to reward content creators regardless of whether they've been handpicked by a huge platform or whether they've reached e-celeb status - streamers, artists, musicians or just memelords.

Fighting Attribution Decay

CHANCOIN plans to use steganographic technology to help ensure credit for original imageboard content goes to its creator, not just the last poster.

Active development

With 4 active developers and a gang of motivated community contributors, progress is happening extremely quickly.

Developer Platform

We are working on building a robust platform that allows third party developers to integrate with the CHANCOIN ecosystem easily to enrich their projects and engage new audiences.

wallet download

You can download our wallet HERE Available for Windows, Linux & Mac

Development Roadmap

Get In Touch

Email the dev team at chancoin at chancoin dot org. Or, join the discord and chat with us!